Yudao Electromechanical

Wisdom empowerment, promote the industrial upgrading

Yudao Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of automation engineering machinery equipment. According to the challenges and opportunities faced by the development of domestic industrial civilization, we accurately locate the difficulties in industrial upgrading. Break through the boundaries and barriers of physics, realize the seamless connection of people, equipment, technology and data in the cloud, and build an intelligent production system without boundaries.

  • National High-Tech Enterprise
  • Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise
  • Bao'an District Top 100 Enterprises
  • Shenzhen University Graduate Internship Base
  • National high-tech cultivation and financing key enterprises


Industrial intelligence
Reshaping the core competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises

Intelligent · Automation · Cloud Interconnect


Connect wisdom and manufacturing, and enter the industry 4.0 era